A card does not appear in my bids

When you place your bid on an NFT card on our marketplace, it may not appear in the "My bids in progress" tab, and here's why


1) Latency time: 

It takes a maximum of 30 seconds for your card to appear in the "My Bids - My Current Bids" tab.

Why ? 

This is the time it takes for Stripe to ensure that the user has the necessary funds to make the purchase. 


You will only be charged if you win the auction. Otherwise, the direct debit will be cancelled.  


2) You bid too late:

During an auction, you have the indication of the remaining time to be able to place your own bid. If you do it a few seconds from the end, unfortunately you risk missing out and the card will not appear in your current auctions. 


3) Covered bid 

The bidding race for NFT fanlivecards is very competitive. If another user covets the same card as you, he could outbid and suddenly cover your bid. You will be notified by email that the auction is cancelled. 


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